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Coppell optometrist

Coppell optometrist

Are you concerned about the advanced levels of care your eyes need in order to continue seeing clearly? Whether you are at high risk of a serious optical problem such as retinal detachment, or are simply tired of having your eyes dilated during your annual eye exam, the latest advances in optical technology have made it both easier and more effective to detect vision problems and serious optical illnesses than ever before. No matter what your age, you can benefit greatly from an eye exam powered by advanced imaging technology. Fortunately, you can always find the advanced care you need to see clearly with examinations powered by convenient and effective technology at your Coppell optometrist of Clear Eye Center – Heeg.

While we may think we are seeing clearly, the truth is that many optical diseases can exist for years within our eyes without showing any symptoms. Glaucoma is a dangerous example of this problem. Known by many as the invisible sight thief, glaucoma can exist for years within your eyes without ever showing symptoms until permanent vision loss has already begun. Basic exams attempt to detect glaucoma through pressure, which is fraught with inaccuracies. Your Coppell optometrist works to insure a precise diagnose in the earliest stages possible by powering each exam with the Stratus OCT. In just seconds, this machine is able to take a precise image and create a map of your optic nerves and retinal fibers to detect disease in the earliest stages.

The retina is the center for vision in the human body, responsible for a majority of the work your eyes perform in order to see clearly. You can be certain to have your retina fully examined to insure perfect health and condition, without an annoying dilating, with digital retinography system ar your professional Coppell optometrist. This state of the art device utilizes a fully automated system and an ergonomic design to provide high quality images of your retina in under thirty seconds. A touch screen interface allows the patient to view the images along with their doctor to understand what could spell trouble, and what means a clean bill of health. This device is crucial to a diabetic eye exam, as the images are able to diagnose diabetic retinopathy precisely and effectively for immediate care.

For the most advanced eye exams in your area, be sure to book your next check-up with your Coppell optometrist at the state of the art offices of Clear Eye Center – Heeg. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff utilize the latest advances in optical technology and procedure to diagnose and care for vision problems of all levels of severity. With an annual visit to the Clear Eye Center, you can insure perfect vision for a lifetime.

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