Dry Eye Treatment in Irving TX

Optometrist in Irving TX

Dry eye treatment in Irving TX

Dry eye treatment in Irving TX

Is it difficult for you to attend non-work appointments during the week? Do you have trouble meeting obligations during your lunch hour, and are you too tired to go to an appointment after work? Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to see an optometrist to treat your dry eyes on Saturdays? Well, you can. Our eye care practice is generally open for Saturday hours from 8 am-12 noon, as well as being open all five weekdays. When you are looking for an optometrist who can provide dry eye treatment in Irving TX, make an appointment at our practice, Clear Eye Care.

At Clear Eye Care our expert optometrist is Dr. Paul Heeg. Dr. Heeg provides the finest optometric services for our patients. He provides comprehensive eye exams, as well as manages eye care for our patients with eye problems. Among the treatment services he offers are the management of diabetes, glaucoma and hypertension. Dr. Heeg also helps patients who need dry eye treatment in Irving TX. Whether patients need to have an accurate diagnosis or need eye care treatment, Dr. Heeg is happy to be able to help people who suffer from this treatable problem. Dry eye is a very common problem for people over sixty. And, dry eye can generally be easily treated and controlled. However, as with many eye conditions, if left untreated it can go on to become a serious problem and cause permanent damage to the cornea.

Dry eye is generally caused by one of two problems. Either there are not enough tears being produced by the patient, or the quality of the tears being produced is inferior. Dr. Heeg will be able to diagnose your condition and determine the exact cause. Based on the results of these tests, he will recommend a specific dry eye treatment in Irving TX. If the dry eye problem is mild, Dr. Heeg may recommend that you simply use an over-the-counter artificial tear solution. Otherwise, Dr. Heeg may prescribe eye drops or medication to help with the production of quality tears. If this does not do the trick, you may need to have a tiny silicone plug inserted into your tear duct that will help keep tears in your eyes for a longer amount of time. Finally, in the more severe cases, eye surgery can be done that will permanently close the tear ducts. Dry eye can be caused by age, climate, work environment, or many other causes. Dr. Heeg may also be able to give you some practical pointers about helping ease your dry eye situation. If you would like an appointment to see Dr. Heeg, contact us at Clear Eye Care.

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