Eye Hypertension Treatment in Irving

Eye doctor in Irving

Eye Hypertension Treatment in Irving

Eye Hypertension Treatment in Irving

Eye health is unfortunately one of the more overlooked aspects of wellbeing. Not many people realize that they should really be seeing an eye doctor about once a year for comprehensive exams, whether they have any particular conditions or symptoms or not. You may actually find out that you have a condition that does not exhibit obvious signs or symptoms such as eye hypertension. If you happen to have this condition and require eye hypertension treatment in Irving, then we here at Clear Eye Center – Heeg can help provide you with the comprehensive care that you need.

Annual eye exams can tell you a lot about your eye health but they can also tell you a lot about your overall health and wellbeing as well. Did you know that an eye exam can tell you whether you have signs of diabetes or high cholesterol? Comprehensive eye exams often require that your pupils be dilated, and that you undergo several tests that are simply not a part of any other checkup. One of the things that an eye doctor will look at during the course of a routine eye exam is your intraocular eye pressure. This pressure can indicate whether your eyes are draining fluid properly. If not, your intraocular pressure reading will be higher than normal, indicating the presence of eye hypertension or glaucoma. These conditions can severely affect your vision because they can damage the optic nerve, and they may not exhibit any symptoms outside of this pressure reading so an exam is the only way to identify it early on enough to provide the necessary treatment. Here at Clear Eye Center – Heeg we can provide patients with the eye hypertension treatment in Irving that they need so that their eye health can be restored and their vision can be preserved.

It is absolutely imperative that you have an eye exam conducted once a year. If you happen to be at risk for eye disease, including eye hypertension, then you may actually need more frequent eye exams in order to catch it as early on as possible. If you are in need of eye hypertension treatment in Irving please call us here at Clear Eye Center – Heeg and we can get you the care that you need.

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