Lens Shop in Irving TX

Eyeglass lenses in Irving TX

Lens shop in Irving TX

Lens shop in Irving TX

Your optical health is a high priority for us at Clear Eye Center. It’s why we recommend a yearly eye exam at our lens shop in Irving TX. And it’s also why we have made the commitment to have the latest technology in our office, allowing our eye doctor to form the most accurate diagnosis possible and to identify the most appropriate treatments for maximum precision and effectiveness. Among those technologies are the Stratus OCT and the Digital Retinography System.

Most of the common eye diseases share one very important aspect: they don’t have any clear symptoms in their early stages. This means that a disease like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy can form and progress and all the while you may have no idea at all that it’s happening. By the time signs appear, it is usually because you have suffered some degree of eye damage or vision loss, either of which might not be reversible. It’s easy to see why our lens shop in Irving TX wants you to have the benefit of advancements such as Stratus OCT, which can can detect indications of damage far earlier than used to be possible. It offers our eye doctor a cross-section view of your retinal layers, and as a result, provides valuable clues to your eye health. And the Digital Retinography System is a digital imaging machine that gives our lens shop in Irving TX clear views of your retina and the back of your eye. Since the best outcomes are so closely linked to early detection, these technologies are essential to putting the odds of a positive result in your favor.

We don’t think that you should have to settle for old-fashioned eye exams and their limitations when we can give you a lens shop in Irving TX that is keyed toward promoting the well-being of your eyes in the most effective and timely manner. Schedule an eye exam by calling us today.

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