Optometrist in Grapevine TX

Dry eyes in Grapevine TX

Optometrist in Grapevine TX

Optometrist in Grapevine TX

If your eyes are irritated and feel scratchy you may be suffering with dry eyes. At our Clear Eye Center our optometrist in Grapevine TX, Dr. Paul Heeg, will be able to see whether or not you have dry eye and provide you with important treatment.

A patient will have dry either when they produce tears that are not of a good enough quality, or they do not produce a sufficient amount of tears to keep their eyes lubricated and healthy. Some people particularly suffer with dry eye in winter. This is because the cold winter weather is particularly bothersome to dry eyes. Cold winter winds are extremely drying. Additionally, work and home environments can become very dry during the winter due to the fact that they may be heated with gas forced air heat. Dry eye in of itself is not a serious eye health problem. However, if dry eye is left to continue for an extended period of time it can cause permanent damage to the cornea. Symptoms that you may be experiencing dry eye are: intermittently blurred vision; eyes that are irritated and scratchy; feeling that you have something in your eyes; or other symptoms. If our optometrist in Grapevine TX determines that you do have dry eye, it can either be treated with prescription eye drops, or even with oral medication. In very mild cases of dry eye, over-the-counter artificial tear solutions may be helpful. In advanced cases of dry eye, a patient may need to have plugs inserted into their teardrops to help keep tears in their eyes longer. Or, a patient may even need to have eye surgery to have their tear ducts permanently closed to hold in any tears for an extended period of time. Dry eye can be easily diagnosed by our optometrist during a comprehensive eye exam.

For an appointment to see our optometrist in Grapevine TX to see if you are suffering with problems of dry eye, contact us today.

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