Eye Exam in Grapevine TX

Diabetic eye examinations in Grapevine TX

Eye exam in Grapevine TX

Eye exam in Grapevine TX

Diabetic retinopathy occurs as a a result of having type one or type two diabetes, and the sugar fluctuations that often occur as a direct effect of the disease. Here at Clear Eye Center, we recommend that all of our valued customers have our eye exam in Grapevine TX once per year, but for diabetics it is even more essential. It is important to detect any signs of the diabetic retinopathy before it can lead to serious problems, including loss of vision.

If you’re thinking that you can just wait for symptoms to appear before you seek our eye care, that is not a good strategy. As is the case with most common eye diseases, you won’t experience any obvious symptoms in the early stages of diabetic retinopathy. The onset of noticeable signs typically coincides with the disease reaching an advanced stage, meaning that you may have already suffered from damage to your optical blood vessels or some degree of vision loss, either of which might not be reversible. Diabetic retinopathy can also cause glaucoma. And although rare, it can a even lead to death. But with our eye exam in Grapevine TX, you won’t have to take any such risks, however remote. Indications such as blurry vision, problems perceiving colors, floaters (spots in front of your eyes), and vision loss should not be ignored. Our optometrist will conduct various tests in order to reach a definitive diagnosis. The most effective treatment is to work in conjunction with your primary physician to gain a greater degree of control over your blood sugar levels. Laser treatments help by repairing blood vessels that have been damaged from diabetic retinopathy.

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