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Dry eye treatment in Valley Ranch Texas

Valley Ranch Texas optical
Valley Ranch Texas optical

Dry eyes can be annoying, uncomfortable and dangerous. Dry eyes and similar symptoms can sometimes develop as the result of the weather or because of allergies, but dry eyes may also be the result of a chronic condition. Here at Clear Eye Center we can provide patients of all kinds with Valley Ranch Texas optical care that looks at everything from eyesight to overall eye health. If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms, including dryness, we can help determine the cause and find you the best course of care.

Dry eyes can sometimes be caused by deficiencies in your tears or your tear ducts. This condition is chronic and it may affect you constantly or regularly depending on your case. It’s important that you have good quality tears and that you have no issues with dry eyes. Aside from being uncomfortable, dry eyes can lead to complications and further irritation. Tears are meant to lubricate your eyes but also to protect them. Have you ever noticed how many tears your eyes produce if you get something in them, like dust or an eyelash? This is meant to flush out particles that may harm your eyes by scratching the lens or causing infections. If you are unable to produce tears, or unable to produce lubricating tears, you may not only have dry eyes but you may also be at a greater risk of infection and injury. Here at Clear Eye Center we can provide you with a complete Valley Ranch Texas optical exam and determine whether you have this chronic condition. If so, we can begin discussing treatment.

If you have dry eyes, it is important that you have the matter considered by a specialist and that you see a professional. Call us here at Clear Eye Center to book your next Valley Ranch Texas optical exam to find out.

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