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Dry eyes in Grapevine

Grapevine eye doctor
Grapevine eye doctor

Having dry eyes leads to discomfort and possibly blurry vision, but it is temporary. As soon as you correct the reason for it, the symptoms will go away. At Clear Eye Care, we’re committed to the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of problems like dry eyes. Count on us.

What are the common indications of dry eyes? You may notice a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes, tired eyes, sensitivity to light, and reddened eyes. As mentioned above, blurry vision is also a possibility. The reason for developing the condition in the first place is that your eyes are not lubricated sufficiently. This can be as the result of not enough tears being produced, or the quality of your tears being poor. There are other factors that increase the likelihood of dry eyes occurring. Among them are exposure to wind or smoke, and wearing contact lenses, particularly extended wear. When you come in to be examined by our Grapevine eye doctor, in addition to a standard checkup, you may be tested to determine the quantity and quality of your tears. Quantity is measured using blotting strips under your lower eyelids. Quality is gauged through the use of specially dyed eye drops. The good news is that our Grapevine eye doctor can typically treat you with artificial tears in eye drop form. You can get them at any drug store, but some patients require them in prescription strength. If so, our office can take care of that for you. It is also a good idea to add a humidifier to your home, in order to provide needed moisture to the indoor air. Avoid smoke and air-conditioned rooms. If you go out on windy days, be sure to wear sunglasses or eyeglasses for protection.

Our Grapevine eye doctor is fully prepared to help you deal with dry eyes. Call us today to book an appointment.

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