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Eye Screening in Grapevine

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Difference between an eye exam and a vision screening in Grapevine

Eye Screening in Grapevine
Eye Screening in Grapevine

Have you always wondered what the difference between a regular eye exam and a vision screening was? At Clear Eye Care, our staff can tell you all about how this works. An eye exam is a general and comprehensive exam to check eyes for health, chance of disease and vision. Our eye screening in Grapevine checks for diseases like glaucoma. A vision screening checks to see if the patient needs any vision correction with the aid of glasses or contact lenses.

Our eye screening in Grapevine takes just a quick visit to our offices. One of our professional staff can schedule an appointments for you during our convenience business hours. We’re open 6 days a week, including Saturdays. We know how busy our patients are, and we want to be able to accommodate them as best as possible. For your first eye screening in Grapevine, we will check eye health, perform a refraction if needed, and do a pressure check for glaucoma, a common eye disease. We offer a large convenient parking lot as well so patients can get to our offices easily. If it is found that you need vision correction, we will then perform a vision screening.

Your vision screening will essentially check your eyes for both near and farsightedness and to detect at what level your eyes are functioning. After your test, we then create a prescription for your new corrective lenses. We have a wide range of frames to choose from. If you are comfortable wearing contact lenses and a candidate for them, we can also offer contacts. Don’t wait to have an eye screening in Grapevine; call Clear Eye Care today for the best eye care in the area and doctors who are patient and willing to help you with your eye care needs today.

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