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Glaucoma Care Grapevine

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Glaucoma testing in Grapevine

Glaucoma care Grapevine
Glaucoma care Grapevine

Glaucoma is the eye disease that is marked by increased pressure inside your eyes, and which can lead to optic nerve damage, vision loss, and even blindness. At Clear Eye Care, one of things that we pride ourselves in is offering effective and accurate glaucoma testing so that in the event you do have this condition, you can take advantage of one of the available treatment options from our glaucoma care Grapevine.

There are no clear indications of glaucoma during its early stages. It forms and advances silently. What occurs is that your eyes begin to create more fluid than they can efficiently drain. This leads to a buildup of fluid. And that is the reason the pressure in your eye increases to a level that is dangerous. There is stress put on your ocular blood vessels. Eventually, hemorrhaging can result. Symptoms that you should be aware of are painful or red eyes, tunnel vision, halos that appear around light, loss of vision to any degree, and nausea and vomiting in addition to one or more other symptoms. Any of those indicate a later stage of the disease and an immediate need for our glaucoma care Grapevine. Diagnostics include tonometry, the baseline test. It measures your internal eye pressure. Additional testing will be done so that a conclusive determination may be reached. Some of the most effective ways to address glaucoma are with eye drops to reduce the production of eye fluid, laser treatments to improve drainage, and microsurgery so that a new channel for drainage can be created. The approach that is best for you is something that will be discussed between our eye doctor and you.

Please contact our office so that we can schedule you for an appointment to come in for testing from our glaucoma care Grapevine.

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