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Eye Surgery in Carrollton

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Eye Surgery in Carrollton

Eye Surgery in Carrollton
Eye Surgery in Carrollton

Cataracts is a disease of the eye that is progressive. Over time, it grows worse and for many people that means an eventual need for eye surgery in Carrollton. Here at Clear Eye Care, we want you to be aware of your options when it comes to cataract care and what the benefits of surgery are for treating the condition.

Like other common eye diseases, cataracts develop and advance through the early stages without any noticeable symptoms. When you do experience signs, they will typically be blurry and cloudy vision. That’s because cataracts are deposits of protein that form on the outer portion of your natural eye lenses. Over time, they grow in both size and quantity. Initially, a pair of special eyeglasses or contacts is sufficient to correct your vision in spite of the disease. With updates to the prescription to account for its progression, this may be an effective solution for a long time to come. However, what happens when corrective eyewear is no longer providing the needed results? That’s when eye surgery in Carrollton is the proper solution. Certainly, any type of surgery is something to take seriously, but this one has a high rate of success and is effective in restoring your vision. Here’s how it works: your natural eye lenses are removed and replaced with prosthetic lenses called intraocular lens implants, or IOLs. They are available in monofocal and multifocal options. Gone is the hindrance to your vision. You’ll either be able to see well at all distances with no help at all, or you might need glasses for near vision (if monofocal IOLs are used).

When it comes to treatment of cataracts and finding out if you’re good candidate for eye surgery in Carrollton, reach out to our office right now to arrange an appointment for an examination.

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