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Dry eyes in Coppell

Eye allergies can be painful and annoying, but at Clear Eye Care we know how to treat patients that suffer from these kinds of annoying symptoms. Our Coppell optometry office is here to serve you as needed and when you are suffering from any type of eye allergy that is causing irritation. People who suffer from eye allergies usually have symptoms such as red eyes, itchy eyes and allergies from things like pet dander. Another symptom of eye allergies is dry eye. Dry eyes are an irritating condition that can be treated with a combination of therapies that are proven to work fast, giving you the relief you need.

Symptoms range from itchy to irritated eyes, bloodshot eyes and bleary looking eyes. Dry eye can be seasonal or chronic. With dry eyes, the eyes do not produce enough tears to keep up with evaporation. In some cases, the eyes may produce low quality tears which means that they are not lubricating the eyes enough. Weather conditions such as wind and sun can also exacerbate the eyes so that they stop producing enough quality tears. Age, gender and arthritis can also aggravate dry eyes. Those who have had LASIK surgery may find that they are in danger of getting dry eyes. Our Coppell optometry office can diagnose, treat and help you learn more about how to heal your eyes.

Dry eyes can happen as a result of allergies, weather conditions and climate. Most people who have dry eyes constantly battle them during winter. Avoiding exposure to allergens is a big help for people with dry eyes and eye allergies. Allergens can be a large part of what aggravates dry eyes. Allergies can mostly affect the eyes and make them bloodshot and red. For more information, call our Coppell optometry office today.

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