Eye surgery in Coppell

Eye Surgery in Coppell

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Does the idea of getting eye surgery in Coppell alarm you? We understand if it does, but we also want you to know that as a result of the advancements made in eye treatments, there has never been a time when having a procedure done was more safe and could provide greater assurance of success. At Clear Eye Care, you can depend on expert advice and guidance in determining the best way to address your eye health issues.

Cataracts is a progressive eye disease in which your eye lenses suffer the growth of protein deposits on the outer portion of your lenses, thereby creating an obstacle to your ability to see your best. Cloudy, blurry vision typically occurs, and it gets worse as the deposits grow in size. With eye surgery in Coppell, you can have your optimal vision restored. Your natural eye lenses are removed, and then replaced with prosthetic lenses that give you improved vision. Some only correct distance vision, requiring reading glasses for near vision, but others are multifocal, making it possible for you to experience fantastic vision regardless of how close or how far. Glaucoma occurs when a buildup of eye fluid results from more being produced than can be drained. The pressure inside your eye increases to an unsafe level, and that threatens your vision and the wellness of your optic nerve. Long term solutions include laser surgery to improve how well your eyes drain fluid, or microsurgery, in which a new drainage channel is created.

Because cataracts and glaucoma do not present noticeable symptoms in their early stages, it is highly recommended that you have a yearly eye exam at our office. And if you do need eye surgery in Coppell, it’s good to be aware that effective options are available, performed by skilled practitioners. Reach out to our office to book an appointment for an examination.

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